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The economic value of development is undeniable. Intelligent planning for development is vital to the sustainability of our communities. With sensitivity to the historical and cultural context of each community, Vince Zucchino Associates creates development plans in harmony with these important values that contribute to community cohesion. Combining our land planning and landscape architectural services ensures a vision for the long-term development of a healthy community.

Our Community Planning Services include:
Land Use Zoning Studies & Plans
Commercial Development Studies
Historical Districts
Downtown Improvement Studies
Development & Landscape Ordinances
Pedestrian & Vehicular Movement Studies
Wetland Studies
Greenways & Parks
Conservation Easements


Vince Zucchino Associates evaluates the full potential of each site in order to provide unique and innovative design solutions that meet the needs of the owner, the environment, and the community. Our full range of services goes beyond the realm of standard design, maximizing the financial and aesthetic value of the project.

Commercial Services include:
Site Engineering & Planning
Permit Acquisition
Project Management
Construction Documentation
Master Planning
Feasibility Studies
Erosion Control Planning
Post Construction Services


Vince Zucchino Associates is proud to be a leader in the planning and development of such important projects as colleges, schools, and libraries. The coordinated efforts of our highly qualified associates embrace the challenges associated with campus design and employ the latest technology and requirements to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of our academic population.

Institutional Services include:
Site Engineering & Planning
Permit Acquisition
Project Management
Construction Documentation
Master Planning
Feasibility Studies
Erosion Control Planning
Bidding Services
Post Construction Services

Design and site engineering of public spaces and recreational projects requires a complex understanding of the uses and users. These areas are frequented and supported by persons of all ages, walks of life, and physical ability and are often intended for a variety of uses. Vince Zucchino Associates is committed to the design of safe play environments that can be utilized by a wide group of users. Our research and design efforts utilize the full potential of each site providing unique and innovative design solutions that meets the needs of the owner, the environment, and the community.
Vince Zucchino Associates recognizes the highly personal and sensitive nature of residential landscape architectural services. Whether establishing an estate, a horse farm facility or a backyard entertainment garden, we work closely with our clients to understand exactly what they are looking for. We integrate the needs and wishes of the client along with budgetary and maintenance concerns, to provide practical and beautiful solutions that are in harmony with the site and the lifestyle of the client.

Residential Design Services include:
Estate Master Planning
Horse Farm Design
Residential Site Plan & Landscape Design
Wetland Delineation & Permitting
Site Engineering
Construction Management


Vince Zucchino Associates goes beyond the normal storm water system design. We use sustainable practices such as creating rain gardens, detention ponds, and other methodologies that reduce the flow of storm water into streams and rivers, allowing nutrients to return to the soil and toxins to dissipate.


Site engineering is the crucial step that takes your project from concept to construction documentation. Vince Zucchino Associates provides the design team that understands the unique needs of each project to make development a reality. Vince Zucchino Associates has resources that include the latest in hardware and software to respond quickly to the unique time constraints of land development while producing quality, affordable construction documents.

Site Engineering Services include:
Site Layout
Road Alignment & Parking
Site Grading
Storm Water Systems
Wetland Management
Erosion & Sediment Control
Landscape & Irrigation Design
Construction Details
Construction Specifications


Qualified supervision and knowledge of construction practices are essential to the proper and complete installation of a project. Vince Zucchino Associates has gained this knowledge and experience through the successful management of a wide range of our projects. Ensuring the owner’s satisfaction by completing each project on time and within budget as designed, is the ultimate end to the construction administration process.

Construction Administration Projects include:
Commercial Construction
Streetscapes & Plazas
Parks & Recreational Areas
Residential Development