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Vince Zucchino Associates
is a full-service Landscape Architectural & Land Planning Firm providing services in North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia. We offer a full range of Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Site Engineering, and Construction Administration services. We customize a team of our experienced associates for each project to insure a high level of quality from start to finish.

As artists and technicians, we combine our understanding of natural landscapes, our knowledge of construction, and our aesthetic sensibilities to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that meet the needs of our clients and are in harmony with the natural environment.
Vince Zucchino Associates is committed to providing innovative design solutions for all of your landscape architectural and planning needs. Our projects include:
  • Community Planning
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Parks & Recreational
  • Residential
  • Environmental & Storm Water Management

Why use Landscape Architecture?

A landscape architect can greatly enhance the aesthetic and economic value of a project by combining a thorough understanding of the site with the needs and desires of the owner to plan and design dynamic outdoor spaces that work with the natural terrain. A combination of art and science, landscape architecture has been employed throughout history to create cities, towns, plazas, gardens, and landscapes which bring a sense of place and community as well as environmental sanctuary that is so vital in maintaining healthy lives.

Landscape architects plan the layout of softscape (soil, grass, plants, shrubs, trees, etc.) as well as hardscape (roads, walkways, retaining walls, irrigation pipes, fountains, pools, spas, sculpture, etc.).